Friday, February 11, 2011

Pizza Hut Social Media Team Live Superbowl 2011

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What To Do When 'Shit Happens'?

If you haven’t seen the Channel 7 ‘shit happens’ video, you are missing out on one of the most awkward and bizarre political interviews you’ve probably ever witnessed.


The odd, trembling, bobble head motion and raw agony of one minute and ten seconds of dead air is horrifying.


Time and space are suspended as Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott has an outer body experience and watches his political career being swept out to sea.


The interview with Channel 7 reporter Mark Riley screened yesterday and had Tony accused of making the insensitive ‘shit happens’ remark while being briefed about the operation that lead to the death of Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney while on a visit to Afghanistan in October last year.


The catch-phrase instantly went viral online with Twitter and Facebook users delighting in the leader’s gaff.  Some vented their rage at Riley for perceived entrapment and using a soldier’s death for media attention. Some shared designs for Tony Abbott ‘bobble head’ merchandise designs.


So what went wrong and what should Tony Abbott have said and/or done?


Was Mark Riley being a scummy reporter and was the interview an ambush and bad taste as some suggested?


Would Tony Abbott have punched Mark Riley in the head if the camera wasn’t rolling? (I say yes).


It is believed that Tony Abbott’s office had worked for three months to prevent the release of the video so it can be argued that they knew the questioning was coming.  Abbott came very close to becoming Prime Minister last year so I have limited sympathy; he really should be able to handle hard questioning, even if caught on the back foot.  


Tony obviously knew he was sunk and stopped talking, hoping that the Channel 7 interview grabs would cut out the dead air. But the supernatural shaking death glare just made such entertaining telly and it was left in.


So he tried to play the standard ‘out of context’ line. You can get away with that on a 30 second radio grab, not when there’s a full video of the exchange.


‘I’m sorry’ would have been my first port of call. There’s no doubt he was busted and said what he said. Humble, grovel, apologise.


“I didn’t mean to cause any offense and any I have caused etc etc.”


Extend sympathy to the family. Chastise yourself for being stupid.  The full naughty puppy that just pee’d on the carpet deal.


Easy to say in hindsight, but again, when you run for Prime Minister you need to gear up for the thunderdome.


All sorts of shit can happen.
















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