Monday, January 24, 2011

User Generated Content: The Unicorn Poop of Social Media


Nothing you could ever possibly create inside your company is as important as something your users create. Everrrrr.


User generated content is the holy grail of social conversations and I’m always shocked to see page admins dismissing photos, videos, comments and interactions that their users take the time to capture and upload.


It’s as rare as unicorn poop so embrace it and thank the social media powers for gifting you with such as amazing blessing from above.


Interactions on your pages should have you climbing out over the firewall and pashing your users- with your tongue.


Most recently I heard the story of customer Jane Username who experienced a product for the first time (no it’s not me).  Ms Username had a positive service experience, took a photo, edited it in Photoshop, uploaded it to Flickr and shared it with the company on Facebook and Twitter.


Page admin (let’s call him Senor Droppedonhead) responded by saying ‘that’s nice but ours are better’ and sending Ms Username a link to commercially shot catalogue imagery on his employer’s website.  What a dumbass. 


Ms Username got sniffy, pulled down her images and vented at people like me about how stupid Senor Droppedonhead and his stupid company was. I think we can call that a fail and a massive ‘missing of the point’.


Thank your users, encourage them and the unicorns will flourish and spread their germinating dung of awesome on your company lawn.



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