Monday, March 21, 2011

Air New Zealand's Bizarre Higher Ground


It seems people affected by the tsunami aren’t the only ones
clambering to higher ground.

Air New Zealand’s Robbie Fyfe has decided to waggle his finger at a
few news organisations for alleged sensationalist coverage of the
Japan nuclear issue.

Not only is it a boring and petty issue that a CEO at that level
should not be entering into; it opens them up for criticism of some of
their own media management. Finger-pointy-glass-housie-stone-throwing
is not cool. It might even cause a cynical Monday morning member of
the typing pool such as myself to question the company's jealous
outburst at Mike Pero for daring to take some of the sunshine off
their media gush-fest to Erabus in 2009?

Or perhaps their stage-managing the return of Air New Zealand plane
crash victims in full view of the media complete with soundtrack? A
nice touch or a publicity stunt?

Shouting down 'The Listener' for daring to criticise the organisation
in an editorial piece? Clever campaigning or corporate defensiveness?

Take your hand off it Air New Zealand and keep your top talent out of
handbag arguments.


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Air New Zealand said...

Interesting to describe 20,000 missing or dead and media falsely suggesting a nuclear cloud descending on Tokyo as a boring, petty, handbag issue – perhaps she’s on a different planet to the rest of us…

Anonymous said...

So you think the media are doing a good job of reporting on this story do you?

Close up's comparison of Chernobyl and Japan - responsible journalism?? Really??