Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Kult Of Karl Drinks Its Own Purple Cordial

I really like how they kicked off the Karl /Net-a-Porter launch at Le Web with this amazing video of Karl Lagerfeld sketching on the iPad and showing off his four iPhones. Pure genius and dripping with effortless cool. (It's kind of long but well worth a watch. The man is amazing and takes apple fan-dom to a whole new level.)

Now it looks as though the cheesy digital agency has kicked in and are telling everyone that there is a 'social media frenzy as confidential preview leaked" on the Net-A-Porter website. 

Just to be clear Kult Of Karl. 

1. It hasn't been leaked. You put it on your website. 

2. It's not confidential. You have release dates on the site. 

3. There is no 'social media frenzy'. 

Stay classy Net-a-Porter. 

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