Sunday, February 12, 2012

I blogged about the Four P's oh yes I did.

I have come to the conclusion that people either know heaps about marketing or absolutely nothing the crap at all.

As a result of my amazing discovery I’m going to blog about REALLY BASIC THINGS. SOMETIMES IN CAPS, but usually in normal writing. 

No trust me it’s healthy. Sometimes we can forget that foundations and rush off and get tricky when some person solved all this stuff and wrote a book about it. Like Philip Kotler. 


 So we’re going to the do the Four P's


 Yes we bloody well are.




(now sometimes there are five and sometimes there are seven but let’s stick to four because otherwise it defeats the whole point of trying to keep this simple).


 If you go on an intro to marketing course, anyone worth there salt will bash you over the head with a diagram like this pretty early on. Like day one.



Notice that the ‘promotion’ is only a quarter of the story.

Most people when they talk about ‘marketing’ are actually referring to the promotional strategy.  Everyone wants to jump into this bit and talk about campaigns and creative and branding and all that sexy stuff. Note also that the promotion includes all forms of communication from direct selling through to PR and social media. 


The product and it’s positioning (competitor environment and the value equation) get forgotten as everyone rushes off to play with logos and talk about ‘brand onions’.


The place is the distribution bit and where the transactions take place. It could be a McDonalds at the airport or a book being sold on Amazon.  How do you get your products and services to the target customers to transact?


Cool. Here's a wiki link



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