Friday, June 22, 2012

Why 'fresh' tv campaigns won't grow sales


Every few years, grocers on both sides of the Tasman fire up a 'Fresh' television campaign. 

The lastest offering from woolworths is a nice modern take on the the traditional 'gate to plate' model where we see our food being lovingly grown and whisked at hyper speed to our local supermarket by happy, smiley farmers. 

The creative is fantastic but the mechanic won't actually work. 

Here's why. 

The television commericals will drive foot traffic but foot traffic isn't the problem. 

I've seen research where only one in four shoppers coming in the front door will shop produce. 

So customers either don't like what they see, don't like the price or aren't enjoying the store experience. Either way, these are supply chain and store operational issues, not marketing issues. 

Until you fix the product issue, conversion in store will continue to be an issue.



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