Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Linds Redding's lesson in perspective


It's been nice seeing a blog post written by Linds Redding shared around the world. 

It's his own 'wisdom of King Soloman', a reflection on the fleeting time that we have here and how easy it is to get distracted being busy. The talents that we have and how we use them. Who and what we use them for. What matters and what doesn't. 

Here's a photo that he took the first time I met him. Linds was a friend of David MacGregor's and had come along for a midweek lunch. He came a bit late and sat to the right of me. My little Canon camera wasn't working properly and Linds had been fiddling around with it, getting it to go. He stood up and started firing off a few shots and adjusting all the settings to get it working again. I offered to take a shot with him in it but he wasn't keen, preferring to be the creator behind the picture. 

I only saw him a few times after that, usually when he was dashing to catch a ferry home, and he always stopped and said 'hello'.  I didn't know that he was a 'Saatchi guy' or any sort of big deal art director.  

He's a nice guy that fixed my camera and always stopped to say 'Hi'. 

Thanks for the lesson and the photo Linds. 


In this photo: Hamish Keith, Jayson Bryant, Corin Haines, Anna Connell, Glen Eddley, David Macgregor, Courtney Lambert. Photo: Linds Redding. 27 August 2009. 

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