Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to not spazz out when you're not making progress

Don’t go into a meeting like you’re going into battle or your head will explode and you’ll make a dick of yourself (see image)


Don’t back off and think your ideas are wrong because other people aren’t sold. Trust your instincts and explain your logic and position.
Just because you get something doesn’t mean that everybody else does. If you start to feel that creep of angry frustration just tell yourself “It’s my job to make them get it. I just need to explain it better, they will get this eventually”
Toys must stay in the cot at all times. It’s cool to be cool.
Try and find out what the objections are and where (or who) they are coming from.
One of my favourite quotes is by former GE CEO Jack Welch: “I was afraid of the internet... because I couldn't type.”

Don’t shoot the messenger. Often managers are ham-strung by their bosses. Empower managers to sell upstream. Offer a presentation to their manager, reports, documents, research or examples of previous work.  Generally, the bigger the organisation, the longer things take to get done and the more complexity you’ll have to wade through. Slow down and follow the process.

Beating your head against a brick wall very often results in a sore head but rate your ideas, tease out the objections, explain, explain, explain and you’ll crack through

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