Friday, September 14, 2012

Australian online ad revenue passes print, gains on TV.

Online ad revenue passed newspaper advertising $1.63bn to $1.5bn in the six months to June and was just behind TV's $1.65bn.

Search and directories was the fastest-growing sector, up 30%, making up 52% of the market and $1.6bn, while general display was up 15% with 27% of market share ($843m)and classifieds up 11% representing 20% of the total market, with $643m.

In mobile general display made up 60.3%, and search the other 39.7%, with 67% of ads delivered on smartphones, and 33% on tablets.

This edition of the report is the first to include estimates of Google and Facebook’s ad revenue shares, along with the data taken from industry.

The information was released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau today, quoting the Commercial Economic Advisory Service of Australia's half-yearly report. An executive summary of the member's only report is available below. 

IAB_Online_Advertising_Expenditure_Report_-June_20-Exe_Summary.pdf Download this file


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