Thursday, September 27, 2012

Australians using their mobiles for email and search: new report


The mobile industry group of AIMIA released findings from its 'Australian mobile phone lifestyle index 2012 (AMPLI)' at a conference in Sydney today. 

Excluding voice and SMS, sending and receiving emails is the next most highly ranked use of the mobile phone followed by visiting websites, and/or browsing or searching the Internet and to get information. 

How many emails do you receive per day that aren't optimised for mobile? How many are data hungry and you would rather send them to the trash then use your allowance for heavy graphics?

How searchable is your site on mobile? Can people find your offices on Google maps? What are the call to actions for sales conversion on your stripped back mobile sites?

I would imagine that most marketers aren't testing their offers on mobile, let alone across operating systems and devices.  Try and search for information on your m. site and see where the gaps are. What's annoying you? What other the main things you need to know when you're mobile and what can you leave out for the full site? Remember that most customers won't be switching between an email and a mobile app for quick information so your mobile site matters. 

Other key findings for me included:

  • Increase in the percentage of respondents with more than 1GB of data (from 11% to 39% over the four years)
  • Approximately 40% of respondents use their mobile phone to compare prices online and to look at product or service reviews before making a purchase decision
  • 60% of respondents reported that they used some form of social networking (SN) sites or applications on their mobile phones. Facebook was found to be the most popular SN site or application (59%), with Twitter being a distant second (26%)
  • Respondents were asked what type of applications they have used on their mobile phones in the last 6 months. The most popular types of applications used by respondents were “Maps and navigation” (74%), Games (74%), News and weather (73%) and social networking (71%).
  • Almost 40% of respondents reported that they owned a tablet, which represented a substantial increase from last year.

A full copy of the report is available here. 





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