Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Maori TV from Manu and Me

I'm very happy that you got to five Maori Television.

I don't know much, or anything for that matter about Maori versions of things and all those conferences about 'indigenous' this and that. I don't know how it's funded and the charter and content ratios.

I just love Maori TV. It's cool. The presenters are cool, the graphics are cool and they play arty films and documentaries mixed in with kids cartoons and Breakers games.

In my day, Manu was on PlaySchool and TeKarere came on before the 'real' news and that was about it for Maori content.

When Maori TV launched five years ago I expected some PC drivel about how my lot had oppressed their lot and I certainly didn't expect to understand much beyond when Manu taught me to count to 10. Once the scary recession monster settles down, it will be great to see more companies advertising through such a targeted and positive medium.

Happy fifth birthday Maori Television and may you have many more.

Manu is now on display in the TePapa collections

Two programmes are being produced in house by Maori Television to screen on the official anniversary of Maori Television – Saturday March 28 2009. HARI HURITAU is a one-and-a-half hour special looking back over the past five years of Maori Television and will be followed by HARI HURITAU NGAHAU – a music entertainment show hosted by Te Hamua Nikora and Ngatapa Black.

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