Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sensodyne Dove Dived Jellyfish Ad Worst By Far

'I dove under the waves'. Glaxo-Sensodyne, it's a shocker. It sounds stupid so then the put it on the screen like a big Powerpoint slide so you can read it back to yourself and confirm that it really does sound stupid. I don't know who wrote it, but it is quite frightening that some marketing folk sitting around a meeting table eating muffins approved it. So then it gets really good.

Experienced over-the-counter FMCG marketers know that jellyfish are in the habit of 'mouth attacks'. Therefore, anyone with sensitive teeth automatically can relate to the 'jellyfish attack as I dove under the waves' metaphor. Very relevant, and good use of your expensive 30 seconds. Perhaps they did a focus group and research proved that logical things like iced drinks and food ranked about 67th against the high-ranking 'dove under the waves jellyfish attacks'. It doesn't pay to get presumptuous.

The scenario gets more ridiculous with claims that switching toothpaste is SUCH as hassle! Oh the hassle of reaching for the blue box instead of the red one for the upwardly mobile time-poor 18-35yrs female in the ad. And after a jellyfish mouth attack too the poor thing. Please make it stop Glaxo, watching your ad is like biting down on tinfoil.

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