Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shoe SPAM from has been getting some serious media, and rightfully so..what a great concept..shoe SPAM!

Kim Kardashian is the founder and chief fashion stylist of, an online shoe society that gives its customers their own set of stylists.

"Bob Shapiro and I started this company about a year ago, and we just launched it," Kim tells Anya. "Think about a shoe club of the month, You get a pair of shoes every month and it is amazing, and it's completely affordable -- $39 a month."

At US$39 a pair you do have to wonder if they are tacko-rama so they have glam looking 'personal stylists' to talk you into it...genius!

To become a member, shoppers take a survey to determine their look. Then, Kim and her fashion experts give customers a choice of five shoes per month to choose from.

I'm guessing the next bit is they SPAM you with shoes that you can't be bothered boxing up and sending back so you biff them in the back of your wardrobe. Very clever.

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