Saturday, July 4, 2009

'Entergagement' for Dummies

I need a new word that’s not 'entertaining'. I keep saying it in meetings, sometimes I say 'entertainment'.

Your content needs to be 'entertaining'. Or -there is an 'entertainment' aspect that you can’t ignore in your social media strategy.

The usual response, when I unleash the magical E! channel word, is a physical twitch of disapproval.

Sometimes a bumped coffee and an under the breath mutter from my no longer captivated audience. On Wednesday I got a stern, "that’s not relevant to this campaign.”

If you are a serious pinstriped suit financial services company then I can understand the flashes of horror about mixing up your products with a spoonful of Paris Hilton. That’s not quite what I mean though. Geeky, interesting, informative content is—‘entertaining’-it doesn’t have to be Las Vegas.

In government PR 2.0, no one wants to campaign on the dancing clown ticket. I get that. You do need to be a real person though. Real people that are dry, boring, preachy and negative don’t get invited to the Friday night drinks. Obama is ‘entertaining’ to me; and he’s no dancing clown.

Relevant, engaging, what other words can I use? I have the attention span of a goldfish when I’m hoovering through online content. I get through a lot of it everyday and you’d better be cooking something tasty if you want me to park up and stay for dinner.

So from now on it's 'entergagement'. Your content needs to be 'entergaging'. That’ll really confuse them.

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@annahaggerty said...

How about personable, affable, or dare I say it "sociable"?

Your right, you don't need to be the class clown, you want to be approachable and friendly.

One way to pitch it; be the same on social media as what you ask of your staff when dealing with customers: friendly, approachable, helpful.

I think Social media more than just marketing, I think of it as another customer services channel.