Thursday, July 9, 2009

JetStar CEO Takes Media Tips from Veitch

After listening to CEO of JetStar Bruce Buchanan on Radio New Zealand this morning I'm quite convinced that the has been taking media training tips from Tony Veitch. The best piece of media management advice I've ever been given: "say sorry!". Turns out both Buchanan and Veitch have been given this chestnut too, but do you think they could say it?

Buchanan had a shocker in the Herald on Sunday last week with the excusefest megamix:

"We are apologetic." Is not SORRY

"Air New Zealand is being MEAN to us." Is not SORRY

"Air New Zealand made a a BIG DEAL of Prime Minister John Key being left in Queenstown." Is not SORRY.

So Radio NZ gave you another go this morning Mr JetStar CEO Bruce Buchanan. And how did that go?

"We understand that people just want us to say sorry"....(BUT YOU DIDN'T).

Live replay of the excusefest megamix, remashed with some 'we're all wise in hindsight'. He threw in a little bit of weather and fog and airports and slow border management (?) and then tried to bribe everyone with a '$50 if your plane is late'guarantee. Whoopee!(Um, and didn't Air New Zealand do that first to pull your pants down a couple of weeks back?). Check out their LAME deal below.

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Alistair said...

Great post. It amazes me how many people and companies rather try to save face and make excuses than say a simple "sorry". I've often found it pay dividends to apologise for things that my customers haven't even noticed. Draw their attention to a mistake and then how you will fix or compensate for it. This instantly builds trust and credibility.