Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Zealand Media Wars!

Bring it on traditional media.
Your desperate attempts to pull your nose diving little cash cows out of the spiral amuses me.

Today's Herald on Sunday?
The screeching battlecry of an aggrieved drowning wilderbeast. Page after page devoted to discrediting new media content providers. It amuses me even more that your lazybus journalism reported these stories in the first place and gave them legs. The fakie TradeMe nude mum. Where did I first see the photos?

I must admit that I too was cynical of the 'digital paradigm shift.' But it's real, and it's happening and the traditional media blood letting will continue until you guys get it and start giving the people of New Zealand decent content.

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Rimu said...


But seeing as how the majority of current-events blogs simply comment on or respond to things reported in the mainstream media, I don't know what comes next... What happens when the blogs have nothing to comment on? Who will provide the blog fodder then?

It's clear that the old model is doomed. But what is the new model? Blogs are unashamedly partisan and citizen journalism hasn't managed to make itself financially viable yet, and the quality is flaky.

Maybe some sort of automatic blog aggregation service.... Like a combo of technorati, digg, slashdot and google news.