Friday, May 14, 2010

Four Campbells & A Website

So last night His Worship the Mayor of Auckland City (John, not Campbell) went all ‘cyber’.


I can’t really be bothered reviewing the site cos it’s a typical large agency digital build and it’s all very nice and inoffensive and seems to do most things. There are a few bugs that they can figure out for themselves and it’s Friday and, yeah that’s why. So here's the link


<start rant>

I will say that anyone can hook up some social media accounts and drop some icons on a site. I would like to see some more experienced communicators driving the social messages (see earlier post) and I think it presents serious political risk. Just saying.  </end rant>


The whole concept of John launching a website I found quite amusing. It kind of reminded me of the Dire Straits music video for “Money for Nothing” with old fullas jiggling around trying to be cool for MTV.


We gotta install microwave ovens

Custom kitchen deliveries 
We gotta move these refrigerators 
We gotta move these colour TV's 



A certain ad man (not a Campbell) got proceedings underway by pretending that Michelle Boag convinced him to MC. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that his agency developed and built the site and doubly sure that certain ad man’s arm was twisted VERY hard because everyone knows that ad men HATE the sound of their own voice. That’s loyalty right there.  


John then got in the saddle and delivered a speech that was clearly not written by him and that’s why it was very good and the highlight of the evening.  


John (not Campbell) is notoriously difficult to message thanks to some stupid person that decided to give him his own show on the AM wireless back in the day.  The disease of ‘I’m media, therefore I’m good at media management’ is an evil one that lulls its victims into a false sense of awesomeness. Very few can control the affliction (Tony Veitch)  and move to the rockstar super spin hall of fame like Alistair Campbell (Campbell).



I can only suspect that John was packing himself about this whole cybernet business and trying to be cool and saying “Twitter”.


Nerves are a very good thing in speech delivery and the extra wee fire in John’s belly led to a solid little punchy talk.


There was talk of ‘conversation’ and ‘connecting’ and ‘following us on Facebook’.  I was almost expecting him to say ‘iPad’.


And... fibre? Did I hear fibre for Auckland?  John’s going to help us all pirate movies faster! Vote for John!  


There was none of the horrible stabbiness and preaching that usually makes me change the channel when John gets on the telly (did you see the Transpower John Campbell (Campbell) interview...hideous), and none of that rubbish brown nosing to the National Party and local iwi and the Mt Albert residents association through cryptic secret code words and tongue clicks that litters most local government speeches.


So who wrote the speech?


Further investigation and a few false glory-hounding claims from Team John unveiled that “I suppose Scott would have written the first draft but a few of us had input.”


Scott Campbell (Campbell). The TV3 dude that is now spin doctoring to make John super. So I went and asked Mr Scott Campbell if he wrote the speech because it was very good and he said “um yeah... I suppose” which probably meant that he did because he wasn’t being a dick about it.


I think John should listen to Mr Scott Campbell more.


I had to run away early to the preview of “Avenue Q”. (It’s awesome. You have to go, thanks to the Josie Campbell (Campbell) @The Edge Events). Maybe I missed all the fun About Town carnage (please provide details in the comments section) and it obviously made zero impact on Bernard Orsman who got a front page today saying that John was getting smoked in a poll but all-in-all a good event and a credit to the Campbell name.



Now look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it 
You play the guitar on the MTV 


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