Monday, May 24, 2010

Time To Get Real On New Media

Yet still there are those that doubt the power of new media tools such as blogs and social networking sites.

I have no idea why. I wish that I had invented such as fanciful gingerbread man or Narnia tale that would have made legendary man of awesomeness C.S. Lewis proud. Even Sir Peter Jackson (oh look at that smart girl she invented social media--what an imagination--give her an Oscar).

But no. I'm not that smart. New media just reflects what's actually going on. Actually going on. Not pretend.

Time magazine: Audience stats (see image)

Jessica Watson arrived back in Sydney on Saturday after her solo around-the-world trip. Australia's newest celebrity was welcomed home by tens of thousands. The teen sailor's adventure appears to have captured the public's imagination, with her website scoring more than a million hits a week. Fans have followed her journey via social networking updates, blogs and Twitter.


Her manager actually claimed they got up to 2 million hits per week during the last few days of the journey. I tried to get on the site to wish Jessica well as she came into Sydney and the site had been tipped over and crashed with the huge traffic.

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