Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Invented The Post-it Note

Everyone loves a random made up workshop game.
So as part of the yMedia Workshop series I hosted "Traditional Tricks For New Media" . Not only did we play "Oprah's Awesomest Fruit" (a game of immense skill and strategy where I get to be Oprah and you pitch me to get on the show..pear eventually won due to its ergonomic design and excellent use of mini-billboards by the pitch team...), we also played "I invented the Post-it note".
Punters had to use their communication tools (1 x Post-it, 1 x pen) and prove that they invented the Post-it note.
Here's some of the answers:

Dear loud obnoxious neighbours keep it down during the night heart ajay


I saw an envelope and thought—I can do something like that Adam


I invented the Post-it because you have no proof that I didn’t


Because they’re colourful just like me Tam


I was the one who invented the post it because I trademarked it and therefore I have the legal rights Nikki


I invented the Post-it as staples wouldn’t stick to my computer screen Seita


French invented everything so my invention was the post it Guillaume


I provided the glue for my community! Di


I invented the post it because you didn’t Jaymard


I know I invented the post it note because I’m an awesome genius (self belief goes a long way!!) Niamh


Invented the post it note for this message 

Michael C


Graeme post Like to have reminders and named after family


Kurt Strong –inventor 3M


I invented the Post it because it helps me to think ‘outside the square’ Barbara


I invented the Post it notes because they are awesome for making origami with Emily


I invented the post it because you all need sticky, visible reminders Sandi


Jesus told me to Matt


Tired of writing on the bathroom mirror in the STEAM! Daniel N


I invented the post it note because my glue formula went wrong –I am always mucking up and have very little stickability Sarah


I realised the people are too lazy to put glue on pieces of paper


I invented the post it because everyone loves colourful sticky things Devon


I hate normal memo pads Jade


I invented the post it note out of necessity to remember things Cam


I needed to put notes on my work and I got sick of using cellotape to stick them on Eddy


I invented the post it note because I already had all other forms of colourful office stationery and needed more (written with my new erasable pen) Loretta


I needed to cover a hole in the wall Ajay


To make the world a brighter and happier and more colourful place..even if you have a boring office job! Tanya


And the winner: My mother was a paper maker and my father was a glue maker - Sarah



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