Friday, August 10, 2012

How Google Penguin may change the way you distribute press releases


Changes to the Google algorithm "Penguin" mean you may need to change the way you distribute press releases. 

Google is always coming up with new ways to improve search and prevent people gaming search rankings with keywords and link stuffing. 

So if you (or your PR/SEO) agency are sending out press releases with links back to your site that fill spammy directory type sites, you are actually damaging your site's page rank. 

Many agencies have big email lists of supposed "newswire directories" that they are sending SEO optimised copy to such as press releases of infographics. They'll tell you "we sent your press release to 50 business wires". 

Maybe they did but if they are sending to sites like this, it will actually damage your rank. 

Get the lists off your agency now and check the quality of the content and anywhere else you have referral links. 

If they look spammy, kill the link backs and stop sending to them. One proposed solution is here. 

SEO experts have blosomed in the last few years so keep an eye on them and question their tactics. PR agencies often don't keep abreast of changes and will be advising you on old strategy. 

Find out more on the offical Google blog. 

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Charlie Ward said...

Great post CJ! I actually co-own a small business and I have been hearing a lot about the Google Penguin update but I didn't know exactly what it meant and how it would effect my business. Thank you for sharing this and for clearing some things up for me!