Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Dynamic Nature of Mobile Search in Asia-Pacific

I always find it difficult looking at Asia Pacific media research data. 

While the countries group neatly geographically, from a behavioural point of view they often don't share a lot of commonalities. For example:

"In South Korea, Google trails two homegrown search engines, Naver and Daum®, and holds PC search market share in the low single digits."

Never heard of either of them. But I guess the thing it does highlight is that acquisition programs need to be maximised for local country behaviour. Sounds like a no brainer but we do tend to forget this in the cloud era and assume everyone is googling on an iPhone.

Another key theme is that the relationship between device penetration and default search engine is going to get increasingly important. Google and Microsoft are investing heavily in both areas and can switch behavior with competitive handset offers. 

Other key ideas from the report:

  • Mobile search drives more traffic than PC search in every region around the world
  • In all regions search is consistently driving about 30% of all mobile visits
  • Google leadership in referred search is not correlated to Android penetration
  • Acquisition programs need to be maximised for mobile


13926.apac_mobile_report_q22012_IE.pdf Download this file



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