Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Resourcing for big data marketing


The Guardian is doing a lot of work on 'data journalism' to drive traffic and clicks to site. 

Most companies have a lot of raw data and some have software that can group and benchmark (Media Monitors, Google analytics, Radian6), but raw data sets aren't very helpful. 

Have a look at some of the work that they've done for the Olympics and think about the resourcing requirement you need to publish this kind of content. 

From a functional perspective, you'll need a data analyst, a journalist or editor and a graphic designer. 

You'll need a data analyst to receive the brief from the journalist about the story they're trying to tell e.g. "I want to see the top 12 things the data is showing us from the Olympics."

The analyst can then pull the data and decide with the journalist the best way of presenting the information e.g. infographic. 

The analyst and journalist can then brief a graphic designer to produce the infographic or charts in time for the deadline-you need to make sure the information is timely for the news event. 

Once the final visual is agreed, then the journalist can write the story around the data and publish to site. Online and social teams can push out the story and drive conversations and traffic across company channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Google +. 

What does your company do with its data and how do you tell the stories around it to add value to customers? 





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