Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Taking the social metaphor to enterprise: Notes from Oracle social keynote


  • More Saas applications than any other company top to bottom run your enterprise in the cloud (infrastructure, platform, application)
  • Strength of Oracle existing customer base (400+) and sales, CRM support
  • Opportunities for growth in Asia Pacific as market matures
  • Choice of deployment between public and private cloud (cf salesforce can't be moved to private cloud behind firewall, can't purchase licence)
  • "Important to give customers choice" Ellison
  • Example of high security, high regulated company UBS bank Switzerland
    -initial deployment in public cloud
    -move off public cloud into private behind firewall, economics and regulatory requirement can change over time 
  • Complete suites of applications for enterprise with data integration across applications built in Java using industry standard interfaces e.g. (rightnow, fusion CRM, oracle sales and marketing cloud)
  • "A lot of social enterprise data is systems data-not just posted data" Ellison
  • Structured and unstructured data processing e.g. Twitter firehouse data. 
  • 2012 Olympics Lexus endorsement demo
    -real time advanced queries in memory, not just batch
    -complex analysis required of true big data sets

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