Monday, November 29, 2010

Good, Bad Or Otherwise: Sentiment and Communication Goals

As more companies in New Zealand start to run social media listening tools, it’s important that you keep sight of the communication objectives and don’t drown in the tech.  


Sentiment analysis is one area where I’ve seen web analysts cranking out large complicated reports that are really of limited use to the communication teams.


For example, I worked on a project recently where the listening reports all showed ‘heavy negative sentiment’ even though the media management team had done an excellent job.


The goal of the communication was to let customers know about planned business disruption so many of the traditional and new media comments showed people being frustrated about getting the news that they would have to ‘expect delays’.


But they got the ‘expect delays’ news so the messages were communicated accurately and received. Job done.


Social media listening software can’t interpret this kind of scenario so you need human media analysts that can link back to company objectives.  Let’s not forget that clippings and media activity reporting has been around for a very long time and you have people in your organisation that can offer more useful insight than a software package. 

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