Thursday, November 11, 2010

Twitter Promos: Something to Tweet About

The 'Something to Tweet About' STA travel campaign caught my eye the other day with huge retail window posters with the Twitter birdie all over them.

They look very nice and the thinking is sort of there but one thing needs some's nearly impossible to see the STA Twitter address.

While I was being a smarty pants and pointing out to someone that their Twitter campaign had no Twitter address I did find it at the foot of the poster @STATRAVELNZ and I see the follow buttons are at the bottom of their website. I went looking for them because I'm a nerd and have no life but most people wouldn't.

If your call to action is to Tweet or follow on Facebook, make it stupidly easy for people to connect.

Thanks for giving me something to Tweet about STA travel.

By the way, Twitter have released a style guide for all of their trademarks (Twitter bird, follow buttons etc) so a good idea to keep an eye on them as I;m sure they are going to start cracking down shortly and getting all Apple about everything.

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