Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Now I Know Why Hamilton Loves Richard O'Brien: Rocky Horror Show

Me with the Riff Raff statue to Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show, Hamilton

Hamiltonians flip out over Richard O'Brien and now I know why. 

Last night I went to the opening night of the Rocky Horror Show at the Civic Theatre and joined the cow town fan club. 

The real life version of Richard as narrator seemed so right and his naughty, dark spooky voice makes you want to go camping with him and sit around telling ghost stories with a torch.

The sound and lighting blew me away as the cheesy Happy Days characters dissolved into a parallel universe with fishnets, Adam Lambert makeup and some seriously 'intimate' rumpy-bumpy deflowering bedroom scenes.

Yes I did stand up and do the Time Warp at the end.

Well, I think I started off doing something more like the Macarena crossed with Wiggles Big Red Car but my creepy Transylvania show hands were fabulous.

I wish I had known more song lyrics as the mother and daughter combo seat dance sing-a-longing the whole way through in front of me were off their heads with joy; shrieking at the entrance of ever character and exploding into applause at pretty much everything like crazed Justin Bieber tweens.

The whole thing is clever, spicy, ridiculously creative and a bit risque. Expect to see some epic performances (Riff Raff's voice is amazing for one) and some muscly men in high heels and animal print budgie smugglers. Heaps of fun.

Richard O'Brien is a legend and well worthy of his bronze statue on the main street of Hamiltron -City of The Future.

PS:If you are Ned Flanders, I advise you stay at home and watch the Wiggles. Definitely R18.


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