Monday, November 1, 2010

Rant Of The Day: Student Loans Moaners & Phone Number Hiders

1. People that moan about student loans. 

You are investing in your brain you stupid girl. Moaning about a $17,000 student loan when you would be more then happy to spend the same amount on a mid range Japanese two-door hatchback with an MP3 player. Or a house. "Investing" 300k in a house is fine but spending 50k on your brain that will give you future earning potential and that you will have forever? I have an impressive student loan and you don't see me moaning about it. Best investment I ever made. Get some perspective. 

2. Receptionists that don't give out mobile phone numbers

Even after explaining that I'm a client, I have his card with the number on it (somewhere) and it's urgent I cancel a meeting a not waste his time? After two seconds of Google stalking I found the same number listed on the company website. It's a company phone number, not a personal one. Annoying. He's not Obama. 

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