Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rugby World Cup 2011 Beige Bullshittery

I have upgraded my keyboard to express how angry I am about this.

RWC2011 --you are shit.

I never use my sweary words online..this is the first are shit.

I'm so angry.

[Disclaimer: I have been paid $$ to consult on digi strat for RWC2011]

1. The song- Not a NZ song..we have some of the best songwriters in
the world and some retarded expert from out of town decided to use a
trashed pongo super crapola song..that make me stage one angry...(plus
you bunged up a very simple YouTube release..I'll let that one go.we
all make mistakes..)

2. Stage 2 angry: Rugby World Cup TVCs

I can't begin to express how angry this makes me.

Beige on beige on beige with no positioning, no call to action and a
10 year old typography. Tears roll down my face as blood boils in my

The RWC2011 ticketing campaign TVCs are quite possibly the most
disgusting piece of arrogant beige on beige bullshittery this country
has ever seen.

A bullshittery mashup of rugby that a high-school student could have
done on iMovie.
A call to action of ..what? I missed it..too much text?
I was busy being told what rugby was by the bullshittery highschool
mashup from 15 years ago.

This is your money your New Zealand. What a wasted opportunity to
demonstrate New Zealand creativity.

Damn I'm angry.

And so disappointed.

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